Macride is the name of the Greek nymph, daughter of Aristeo and Autonoe. According to mythology Macride raised the baby Dionysus feeding him honey. The hexagonal shape of the logo is inspired by hexagonal shape of the cell in a beehive.
But Macride is also the acronym of Maurizio, Cristiano and Denise, three young students of advertising who met during their courses ILAS of Naples and decide to work together. Their idea is to specialize in advertising for the launch of new products and activities. Just as the Greek nymph bred and nurtured the young Dionysus, so these guys have as its purpose the " nutriment " of those young activities which are going to be launched on the market.
The three green rectangles represent the three boys , three forms that when they join they create something new, the hexagon. Three boys with three different shades of their character , so three different shades of green. Why green? Because it is the color that communicates the strength of youth and the hope.

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