Research Square (parent brand)
AJE and Rubriq (sub-brands)
What company does:
Research Square helps scientific researchers by providing tools and services that make it easy for these researchers to communicate their work. These tools and services include language translation services, language editing services, professional reviews of work produced by researchers and a search tool and “matchmaking” service that helps connect researchers to the right publisher to work with.

Goals of this project:
1. To create a logo system that unifies the 2 sub-brands under the umbrella of the parent brand Research Square.
2. To convey the message that Research Square is a modern and innovative company.
3. To effectively convey the message that Research Square helps solve communications problems for researchers.
Typographic choice: 
Research Square is a modern company that is changing the landscape of an old industry.
Thechoice of typography should reflect their sense of innovation, dynamism and modernity.
Color choice:
Research Square is a modern company and the appropriate tint should balance the modern, innovative identitywith the trust and sense of security that the company provides.
Images/icons to be incorporated:
1. The idea of science
2. The idea of communication
Logo architecture:
Research Square is the parent company of two other brands - AJE and Rubriq.
Of the three brands, AJE is the most well-known brand. One of the goals of this project is to transfer some of the brand equity of AJE to the parent company, Research Square. This requires that the Research Square logo be designed so that it can stand on its own, but also integrates visually with the logos for its sub-brands.
When the brand designer approaching this design, it was very important that the logo system be designed in a way that ensures that the AJE brand remains recognizable. The AJE brand is the brand with the strongest brand equity and is the one known best by the customers, and the brand cannot afford to change it to the point that it’s not recognizable.

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